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Eau-Da-Vie Brandy

If you start with fruit as a base, distill it, and bottle the result without aging it on wood, you've got eau-de-vie. These typically clear (but sometimes colored) liquors resemble vodka with subtle fruit notes, and are often served chilled in small glasses as digestifs.
In Germany, this type of liquor is called Schnaps, but don't confuse that with the syrupy-sweet, heavily-flavored stuff that gets labeled “Schnapps” in America. They're effectively unrelated. German Schnaps, like all other true Eau-de-Vie, are sugarless, high-proof liquors .
French for “Water of Life” these unique brandies are not aged on oak, so they retain their pure fruit flavors. Although they are clear and have no oaking, they are still carefully aged in maturation tanks to allow the flavers to meld and smooth. These are not sweet spirits, but true brandies at 40% Alcohol by volume (80 proof)

Pear Eau-Da-Vie
Pear Eau-Da-Vie resting on fresh pearsA much anticipated brandy, in many ways a “classic” of fruit brandies. Think of the aroma of a meltingly ripe fresh pear, that same rich, juicy fragrance opens this delightful brandy. A pleasingly clean and crips pear flavor follows. For fullest enjoyment of the uniquely complex flavor of this brandy, the distiller recommends serving this brandy “neat” in a large brandy snifter.
375ml - $23.95

Currently Available

Apricot Eau-Da-Vie Brandy
Apricot Eau Da VieThis elegant brandy opens with a wonderful warm apricot nose, transporting you to a warm summer day standing next to an apricot tree full of ripe fruit. A distinct, but not overpowering, apricot flavor makes this a perfect spirit for sipping.
375 ml - $27.95

Currently Available

Blackberry Eau-Da-Vie Brandy
Blackberry Eau Da VieProudly made from Blackberries  picked fresh at Frost Farms in Layton, this clear spirit has a fresh blackberry nose with slight floral undertones.  A light pleasing blackberry flavor dominates the profile of this smooth and pleasant brandy. Enjoy it neat in a brandy snifter, or using it in place of vodka in a “screwdriver” for a delightful berry twist on an old classic.
375 ml - $32.95

Currently Available

Strawberry EBottle of Strawberry Eau-da-vieau-Da-Vie
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This brandy opens with a rich strawberry nose with distinct floral notes. Delicate and enticing the simple clean strawberry flavor carries through the entire taste profile.
375ml - $32.95


Black Cherry Eau-Da-VieCherrey Eau-Da-Vie Label
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This brandy opens with a clean bright cherry aroma. The Eau-Da-Vie version of this brandy is much less complex than our aged brandy, with a simple clean flavor. Reminiscent of a true Kirshvauser, this clear spirit has a pure, intense cherry flavor with the slightest hint of almond in the back notes.  A delightfully smooth and clean spirit.
375ml - $32.95

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