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The Hive Winery and Brandy Company
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COVID 19 Information:

Yes! Our Store is Open for Sales. Come on in and pick up a bottle of your favorite Hive Winery Products. We are open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Closed Sundays & Holidays.

UPDATE June 12 , 2021:  Tasting Room Remains Closed

 Since our tasting room was closed anyway, we have started on a substantial remodel of the tasting room and retail space. The project is well underway but nowhere near finished, therefore although the COVID situation is improving, our Tasting Room remains closed until further notice. Our tasting room will be about 2 times larger, so look for a whole new tasting experience when we are able to reopen.

Our lines are short to non-existent so social distancing is easy here. We take care to disinfect early and often. We want all our customers to be safe and healthy because we love and respect you all.

Thanks for your understanding & continued support


The sweeter side of spirits. All of our liqueurs are made by blending fresh ingredients with our house distilled sugar spirits. Our liqueurs are flavorful, fun and made from natural ingredients such as fresh pressed juice or coffee. Perfect to replace big name mass produced liqueurs in your favorite cocktail or just for sipping by themselves

“Corgi’s  Kisses Cherry Licker”
      Cherry Liqueurcorgi kisses edited
Rich, sweet and elegant. The dark flavorful cherry juice, pressed in house, from Talbot Farms fresh Utah sweet cherries gives this liqueur a touch of elegance. Nice for sipping strait or add to cocktails for a unique flavor twist.
750 ml - $32.95

Seasonal product. Currently Not available.
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“Java’s Coffee Licker”
    Coffee Liqueur
Javas Edited

A truly local brew, we paired up with local coffee roaster Daily Rise Coffee to craft this decadent liqueur. The amazing flavor profile of this spirit, including notes of vanilla and caramel, are entirely the result of the careful selection of coffee, roasting and the unique cold brewing processes employed by Daily Rise Coffee.
750 ml - $32.95

Currently Available

“Sheldon's Raspberry Licker”
    Raspberry Liqueur
Sheldon's RaspberryRich, sweet and flavorful. This premium raspberry liqueur is crafted from local red raspberries juiced in house and blended with our house distilled sugar spirit to provide a wonderful rich raspberry flavor and smooth finish.
750 ml - $32.95

Currently Available

“Eccentric Engineers – Creative Blends”
A special line of unique product blended in very small batches. These are products we make just because we can, and you may just get lucky enough to try one of the unique spirit

Eccentric Engineer Edited

 Apricot Coffee Liqueur
Featuring the same local coffee, from Daily Rise Coffee we use in Java’s Coffee Licker, we added our Eau-Da-Vie Apricot Brandy. Unexpectedly subtle and complex, the apricot adds a distinct back note and a light clean finish. Smooth enough to drink as a cocktail by its self. Treat yourself to something truly” unique and limited” with this easy sipping liqueur.

750 ml - $32.95       LIMITED QUANTITY When Available.

Currently Available

“Daisy's Black Currant Licker”
    Black Currant LiqueurDaisy's Licker Edited
Sweet and tart, the distinctive bite of black currants dominates the flavor. Black currant liqueurs are frequently referred to as Cassis, so this delightful liqueur can be used in any cocktail or recipe calling for Cassis. This premium liqueur is crafted from our house distilled sugar spirit and black currant juice pressed in house from locally grown black currants. Careful crafted and aged, this is a delightfully liqueur for mixing or sipping.
750 ml - $32.95

Seasonal product. Currently Not available.
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“Old Stiney’s Blackberry Licker”
     Blackberry Liqueur
Old Stiny's Blackberry Licker LabSweet, smooth and full of flavor. With a rich blackberry fragrance and tantalizing red-purple hue, this elegant liqueur captures the full flavorful experience of blackberries. Crafted from house pressed blackberry juice from Frost Farms in Layton this delicious liqueur is delightful for sipping straight up or mixing in a favorite cocktail (or perhaps drizzled over vanilla ice-cream.)
750 ml - $32.95

Seasonal product. Currently Not available.
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Sunny’s Pear LickerSunny Edited
Pear Liqueur
Clean and sweet the flavor of ripe pears jumps out of the glass. Light yellow in color this unique liqueur will surprise you with its well balanced flavor and lingering pear aftertaste. A nice strait sipping liqueur, but also a sweet and flavorful addition to cocktails.
750 ml - $32.95

Currently Available

“Uncle Dan’s Orange LiCURE” Orange Liqueur
uncle_dans_fr EDITED

A 90 proof orange spirit. Sweet and strong, but with a delightful orange flavor thoughout and a lasting orange finish. A classic liquor flavor that can be used in any cocktail that calls for triple sec, Cointreau,  or other orange flavored liqueurs
750 ml - $32.95

Currently Available

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