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Welcome to
The Hive Winery and Brandy Company
Utah's Artisan Winery and First Brandy Distillery

It's All About  the Craft!

Other Spirits

Specialty Spirits that don't belong in another category. Just like all of ourther products, these spirits are house distilled and hand crafted for your enjoyment. The products on this page are proof that what we do  is“All  Aabout the Craft!”

Aged Honey Spirit
DSC_0348One of the distiller and winemakers personal favorites, this oak aged honey spirit has been a long time in the coming. The result is a wonderfully aged 4 year old spirit that has the smoothness to prove it’s age. A smooth and elegant spirit with a front note of complex honey tones finished by an earthy oak flavor. The rich, balanced nose of oak and honey are nearly as delightful as the flavors. This is not a sweet liquor, but a true hard spirit at 40% Alcohol by volume (80 proof).
750 ml - $44.95

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Dragon Piss
Fresh Garlic and Jalapeņo infused spirit
Dragons Piss Garlic and Jalapeno Spirit lable80 proof spirit infused with fresh garlic and farm fresh Jalapeņos from Day's Farm in Layton. This unique spirit was designed as a “Reverse Bloody Mary Mix” - Just add tomato juice and your all set. It has also proved itself useful as an addition to salsa or even spaghetti sauce to add an extra hit of flavor and spice. 
The name pretty much speaks for its self. Not for the faint of heart 

750 ml - $32.95

Seasonal Product  currently unavailable. Sign up for our e-mail to know when it is available.

Original BuzzzzedHive a rita1
Some days just call for a margarita. Hive-A-Ritas are our own take on this classic cocktail. We replace the classic tequila with our Buzzzed Honey Spirit resulting in a refreshing and flavorful drink without the harsh back notes that can sometimes accompany tequila. Premixed and ready to serve, the bright fresh flavors of lemon and lime complement the rich flavors of our Buzzed Honey Spirit and house distilled Orange Liqueur for a delightful treat. (We think you may never go back to traditional margaritas once you try our Hive-A-Rita’s.)
10% Alcohol by Volume (20 Proof)
750 ml - $14.95                         1500 ml $24.95

Currently Availalble

A Hand Crafted Drinking Experience!

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