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Session Mead

Session Mead, like Session Beer, is a lower alcoholic version of the original. (Session beer should not be confused with Saison Beer, which refers to a specific style and flavor profile of beer, since any beer an have a session version.)
Our session mead is a lower alcohol carbonated honey wine crafted to showcase the unique flavor profile of mead. The lower alcohol content and effervescent nature of the session mead brings  out a different flavor profile than you will find in our traditional meads. Easy to drink, but  enjoy responsibly, they will sneak up on you.

Rookie League

2017 Bronze Medal Winner Mazer Cup International Mead Competition
Rookie League Session Mead BottleWith just a hint of sweetness, this sessions mead is a light yet flavorful blend of  subtle honey notes with complex earthy tones from our local honey. The flavor and intensity of this lower alcohol mead is enhanced by the carbonation.
500 ml Bottle - $6.95


Currently Available.

Raspberry Patch

Raspberry Patch Session Mead BottleRaspberry Patch features a flavorful blend of fresh pressed raspberry juice and our lightly sweet session mead. A wonderfully refreshing session mead with a rich raspberry front flavor and the lingering finish of honey. The marvelously complex earthy tones of the honey pair perfectly with the rich raspberry to create a truly indulgent drink.
500 ml Bottle - $8.95

Currently Available.

Gone Fishing

gone_fishingGone Fishing has a dry finish which highlights the earthy complex notes and herbal undertones of the dark honey used to create this easy drinking mead.
500 ml Bottle - $8.95

Currently Available.

Off Roading

Off RoadingSession Mead BottleOff Roading has a sweeter finish which gives it a richer more intense honey character to balance with the complex earthy notes of our local honey. The sweeter finish also gives Off Roading a more robust and filling finish, without becoming too sweet and heavy.
500 ml Bottle - $6.95

Currently Available


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